What is Serverless Reactor

Serverless Reactor aims to provide the developers of instant messaging apps such as Slack, Feishu, DingTalk, etc., with a development tool to quickly build and launch third-party applications. With Serverless Reactor, developers only need to focus on the business logic, saving the efforts to build application servers, set up domain name, store data and other cumbersome processes.

The program is distributed using WebAssembly (WASM), and the runtime uses WasmEdge-napi, which gives a wide language choice and ensures execution efficiency. The detailed process is as below:

  1. The developer writes each callback required by the Slack platform as a function
  2. The developer uploads the function code to the Serverless Reactor platform and receives a callback URL
  3. The developer fills in the callback URL where the Slack platform needs callback

Using Serverless Reactor to develop third-party applications on Slack has lower costs and higher efficiency. At the same time, we also provide a function demo so that developers can get started quickly.

Serverless Reactor currently only supports the bot application on Slack and Feishu 🤖.